Cleaning up and Necromancy

Hello everyone. I have decided to take some drastic measures and delete all previous posts. Since the beginning of the project, I have made some very drastic changes midway, several times over in fact, and the product that Chronicles is turning out to be is very different from the original drafts.

As such, all the previous posts no longer apply. I felt it would be good to clean this place up a bit and start afresh.

I am nearing completion of the Core Book and the first few Adventurer Sheets that can be used for playtesting. I still need to write rules for several encounters, which I want to create three different themes for, being Greenbloods, Undead and Bandits, so that we have something to test with. Alongside of that, I want to create a simple, small “campaign” to test the rules with so that we can get things started, but I am not yet that far.

So, after a long period of silence, I am finally nearing completion, or at least something ready for playtesting.

Hope to see you soon!


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One Response to Cleaning up and Necromancy

  1. Ark Larkins says:

    Came across this today, will be watching. Always pleasant to see other people’s ideas, and how they approach things. If you do any sort of online testing, I’d be willing to participate.

    Best of luck in compiling your latest ruleset.

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