A Crooked Staff and a Gaming Gang

Hey everyone,

News of my release is spreading like wildfire. It’s awesome to find out that you are featured on a website you didn’t even know yet.

The Gaming Gang put up the news of my release. As a small token of appreciation, here is me advertising their website. It’s added to the “Links” list on the right.

The Gaming Gang

Also, when I release an updated version of the Core Book (since undoubtedly some errors slipped through) I really need to remember to give HUGE credits to Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Productions at the end of the book.

Why? Because he kindly designed the Chronicles logo I am now using everywhere. I never even gave him credits for that.

So, a little late, but thank you Kristian! Head over to his site for some cool free fantasy maps! And if you happen to have some spare cash, he has some cool stuff on Drivethru RPG and RPGNow as well, so go and take a look.

Crooked Staff Productions

Best wishes,

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2 Responses to A Crooked Staff and a Gaming Gang

  1. Pseudok says:

    There were indeed a couple of confusing things that seemed like errors (probably from earlier versions of the game). Would be sweet if you included some kind of “ticket” system in your website where people could report random oddities and include page number there for ease of reference. Also, a discussion forum would be good for player input 🙂

    • dbro36 says:

      Heya, I had a forum but it didn’t really work. At the time, I hardly had enough traffic, so… But I am always up for email, and if Chronicles really kicks off, I am definitely opening up a forum again to make sure people can give me input more easily. But let me know, I am always available through email at danielbrouwer at hotmail dot com… But check back every now and then, perhaps a forum will be be up soon. I’ve already had more input than I expected, so! 🙂

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