Actual Play-Test

Today we had our first actual play-test and it was a ton of fun. As could be expected, we found out a couple of errors and bad rules in the Core Book, so that one will be updated quite soon, but we also found out some of the stats for Enemies and Adventurers were off, so basically what this means is pretty much everything will get redone in the next few days.

What’s even cooler is, aside from our personal playtest, Pseudok from Every one of them also did not one, but six different playtests to really break down whatever was broken to begin with.

Our combined experiences will lead to a much improved new ruleset. Worry not, it’s not going to be a complete rewrite, but some bad rules will be ommited, some unclear rules will be clarified, and some errors will be rectified.

So if anything, a big thank you goes out to Psuedok for taking the time to really dig into the game and provide me with feedback.

But unto our own play-test. Aside from the obvious flaws in design and unclear rules, we had a ton of fun. One of my design philosophies was not to tie roleplaying to stats and rules too much. It turned out that philosophy worked wonders in practice. Instead of taking an hour or two to roll up characters and define their personalities from stats, the players dove right into fleshing out their own characters as well as those of the other players. We started with one of each Adventurer, but 15 minutes later we had a perpetually drunk Dwarf, a Swordsman called Roderick the Blue, as he had a blue cape and Roderick the Red was just cliché, and a Flame Wizard who called himself Pistachio. The rest of the gang decided to just call him “Nuts”.

After the first battle the gang quickly found their way to the Alden Crossing pub where the Dwarf met a fellow Dwarf and decided to play some Dwarfen Dice. Yes, we came up with that game on the fly and it was great. The other Dwarf won, took the money and bought them both a drink, as was custom, we decided.

Roderick decided to hit on an Elven girl, who decided to hit him. Her companion the Barbarian decided to step up and Roderick challenged him to a fist fight, which he won. As most everyone except the Cleric had bet on the other guy, the Cleric won a huge amount of money. Yes, I know…

What we found out was that the table size worked really well. We took a couple of pictures but I tried uploading here and I lost half of this post, which I am too tired to try to rewrite completely, so… I was hoping to show you how the battlefield can look, but I guess I can’t show you guys that right now.

I won’t go into the things that didn’t really work, as Pseudok did that for me over at his blog. He did some really deep playtesting for which I am very grateful, and you should definitely give it a read if you want to know what you can expect out of the update.

All in all, we had a lot of fun, despite some glaring errors. Thankfully, the core system works well, it’s just some rules need to be re-written and some stats re-defined. But that can be expected from a free gaming system, I suppose.

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