Hello everyone,

After initial play-testing, we have released an update to all Adventurers, the AB and the Core Book I. These have all been play-tested once already and proved to be far more exciting. Of course, as will be the case for a while, everything is still in play-test phase, but at least we now have a far more exciting product.

We have toned down the Adventurers a little, especially the DEF rating was a bit too high, and Goblins now have a little SP to at least make their initial attack hit hard. This creates a far more intense game.

The Core Book has had some clarifications and such, but the most exciting change is the inclusion of an Injury Table. While overall a small chance, there is a very real possibility of dying.

Hope you guys enjoy our update!

Once again, huge thanks to Pseudok for play-testing and providing suggestions.

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