Adventurers Updated

Things have been going into hyper mode recently, and as such many updates have seen the light of day quickly after each other. AB000 “A New Start” is already in its 6th version. This is because I made some minor changes that all affected the Adventure Book.

The Adventurers in particular see a pretty big update today. Points cost have been dramatically lowered, as well as monetary cost of upgrading. I don’t know why I came up with the original costs, because they seem so silly now, but (once again) thanks to Pseudok of Every One of Them, I have seen the error of my ways, and they have been updated.

Fans of the magic using Flame Wizard will be particularily happy as he or she has been given a fair boost in power, now being able to dish out additional Fire damage in close combat if spending SP.

All in all, I have become far more confident in all of their respective Adventurer Sheets. New Adventurers will see the light of day soon enough, now that we seem to have struck a good balance with the original five.

Work has also slowly continued on Core Book II and the first Encounter Book “Undead”.

Core Book II is really for a big part suggestions on how to run Chronicles, so I am probably going to take the Items and Defining Features sections and publish those seperately so that you guys have some more interesting things to add to the game, and release them all in the Core Book II at a later date.

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