Spoilt for choice

Role players have it good these days. There is a lot of choice in free RPG products. To my attention came one also just released.

2D6 by Joshua Gager

If Chronicles is a bit too light for you, and perhaps a bit too focused on battles, but Pathfinder or D&D are a bit too heavy for you, then you should take a look at 2D6.

It looks to be a lighter version of the D20 systems of old. The game mechanics focus much more on role playing than Chronicles does (which leaves that portion rather free form), and doesn’t need miniatures. So if you are more into pure pen and paper role playing and less into skirmish miniature games, you should definitely check it out.

But for those who like Chronicles, good tidings ahead.

Pseudok gave the game another very intense playtest, this time with leveled up Adventurers. The results were a bit of an “ouch” moment, as some of the point cost increases are a bit too harsh. I should have known that, but I suck at maths.

Expect redone Adventurers real soon!

Also, I discovered something very, very stupid. “A New Start” missed the section detailing what happens if you failed to “disrupt the ritual”. That is now updated.

All the best!

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