Shields and such…

It’s a good thing I am sometimes forcing myself to think out of the box… Because the box doesn’t always make sense.

I have played many a Role Playing Game (mostly console) where equipping a shield would give you… damage reduction. Sounds logical, right?

Yeah, wrong… With this assumption I gave shield bearing Adventurers, the Swordsman and Cleric, a slightly higher DEF rating than I would’ve if they hadn’t a shield on their sheet. It’s how it’s been done in so many of our favourite RPGs, so it must be right, right?

But what do you use a shield for? Exactly, deflecting attacks. So now I gave the Cleric and Swordsman a rule that makes sense for a shield. Modifiers on being hit. It’s still slightly abstract, because the modifier doesn’t get beyond -1 for the Cleric and -2 for the Swordsman, but anything over that would be very overpowered, and we wouldn’t want that.

This game just gets awesomer and awesomer… Yes, I know it’s not a real word, but it sounds so cool!

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