Human Geomancer and Human Zweihander released!

Today sees the release of two new Adventurers!

The Human Geomancer is a Druid of sorts, in tune with the natural world but using its powers to battle those that would destroy nature, instead of tending to the wounds of the world him or herself. Very powerful with elemental magic and resistance against it, the Geomancer is weaker in defending him or herself, so it is wise not to get caught up in close combat. This Adventurer has been created by Pseudok, with suggestions from myself.

The Human Zweihander is a variation of the Swordsman, with some skills from the Dwarf Warrior in it as well. With a two-handed sword, the Zweihander is much stronger than the Swordsman, but weaker in defence. The Zweihander has skills that can be used to thematically turn him or her into a “Barbarian”, but doesn’t have to be one.

So head over to the Download Section and check them out! We hope you will enjoy these two new Adventurers.

In the meantime, work continues on a new (and very exciting) Adventure Book, as well as the Undead Encounter Book, which is going a bit slow, but no worries. Most Undead are slow anyways.

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