The update attacks!!

Alright, the update is here!

My apologies for the last post. It was more putting the pressure on myself to get going than anything else.

Check out the new Core Book I. The most important update in it is the Injury Table, which was very, very wrong! Thank goodness I found some great insights in the workings of the 3D6 bell curve to create a very interesting Injury Table. Not only that, death is a much greater possibility now, which is exactly the way it should be.

Additionally, the way Skills are learned are a lot different now. It is explained in the Core Book as well as on the Adventurer Sheet. Basically, now you start with two skills and

Other than that, we made some clarifications in how the STR and DEF ratings work. Nothing major though.

Lastly, with death being much more of a threat, we added “bandages” to the first adventure “A New Start”, a (great) idea from Pseudok. They will be another common item, aside from the well known potions.

Download the new rules from the download section now! All the best, and happy gaming!

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