What was that noise?

Nothing, really… Just me letting the world know that there won’t be an update for a while still.

I have been working on the redesign for the past few weeks, getting in some time every now and again. While at first the battle system felt very fresh and exciting, with every little thing I wrote, it started to once again feel like the convoluted messes I feel so many games are.

I >think< what I need to do is just press on for a little longer and playtest the heck out of what I have, which is fortunately very easy to pull off as my best friend is really aching for a game, but I will need to get over my own fear of this game being… boring or too complicated.

One thing I AM very happy about is how movement is now implemented, on a zone basis. No longer free roaming but also not grid-based, it takes a very happy medium that paves the way for some awesome skills.

Oh, and every now and again I get a comment on this blog, and they always make me very happy and spur me on to new creativity, so if you feel like letting me know how excited you are about this, please do!

Thanks for reading, and I truly hope to be able to show you all something real soon.

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