So, recently a well known RPG released a new edition.

On the one hand some of the mechanics I read about inspired me, some were actually already in some other form in Chronicles, and then there were some that reinforced my belief in Chronicles as a very different set of rules, so all in all it inspired me to continue.

Also, my gaming group and I have been enjoying a skirmish game very much these past weeks. There are some very different mechanics in it, some of which I am currently thinking about adapting to fit Chronicles.

I am also still struggling to decide how to work out weaponry. Chronicles had always started with the idea that you have one weapon and you keep it and upgrade it, a bit of a nod to Suikoden for those who were wondering. Now my thoughts go to more choice. Doing so creates new challenges, and I am yet on the fence about it, but at least it’s worth considering.

In my last post I was talking about how summer is coming up. I am a teacher so I have quite a few weeks of free time now. The first week was spent painting up some miniatures, which are also fine for Chronicles, as well as building some modular scenery, which happen to also fit Chronicles’ current system of zone based movement, at least somewhat.

Finally, and this is something that could potentially be very, very exciting, I found out about a site called Drivethru Cards. It’s strange that I didn’t know about it before, as I am subscribed to Drivethru RPG’s mailing list, but their Cards affiliate lets you create cards for card games, and it’s something that could make playing Chronicles much easier.

I could for example create cards for the weapons, so you have all information on one card. Enemies can also be given cards, and with Chronicles’ system of low HP count, they could be wonderful for tracking Enemies’ HP. I would probably choose for a very simple, text only lay-out, so it would basically be a tool for tracking the battlefield. Finally, treasure cards could be turned into a deck which you can use to randomly decide treasure. The possibilities are there. Mind you, this is something that would be into the far future, as Chronicles isn’t even ready to be playtested, let alone I create cards for it which might end up getting changed. But hey, they are good thoughts.

That won’t change the price of admission though. The cards would be entirely optional (if incredibly convenient) and Chronicles would still be free-to-play.

On the page of thoughts, I have long pondered what to do with Enemies, and I am getting to a point where I am satisfied with what I want. Just for those who may stumble here first time, with Chronicles I always wanted to find a happy medium between RPGs,  skirmish games and tabletop dungeon crawl board games. I think a smart idea is to have each type of Enemy, from the lowly goblin fighter and skeleton warrior to the leaders of the pack, to have one, two or three special types of attacks or skills, which are slightly different for each Enemy, so each one will be a different obstacle to overcome.

Well, that’s the end of my rant. If you have any thoughts of your own, feel free to share them.


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