Inspirations II – As Fate would have it?

So, in between all of my other hobbies, I once more found myself scouring the web for inspiration on the writing for Chronicles, and I finally took the plunge to check out Fate.

For those who don’t know Fate, and its lighter version Fate Accelerated (FAE) which I just read, it’s a settingless RPG system that is very, very free of rules and very open. Basically, you can do whatever you want and with “catch-phrases” more or less explain who and what your character is and can do, and then you use those Aspects as they are called to explain how you would tackle a situation, and gain a bonus.

This openness appeals to me greatly. It is also adaptable. And that’s one of the other beautiful things about Fate, in that it is very easily adaptable, which is very clear to see, given how many RPG games use it as their core rule system.

The other great thing is, it’s free. So I can freely check it out and ponder some more on whether or not Fate is something I want to hang Chronicles on.

Now, I am sure what I would then create is something that is, in one form or another, already created, but whatevz… I am not too bothered by that. In the end, all generic fantasy games share many similarities anyways, and I am still aching to create my own fantasy RPG.

Now, I guess I am off to read some more on Fate, some of its derivatives, and think long and hard on whether I want to use those rules to create my own, or just play Fate itself for a while… And urge you to do the same instead of waiting patiently for me to update. XD

If anyone still reads this, do let me know your thoughts.

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