Inspirations III – Song of Blades and Chronicles

Well… It’s about time I checked back in on my now very dusty blog… *cough cough*

It’s a shame how incredibly motivated I once was, working on Chronicles, and how things have died down to such an extent that I basically post something once a year.

So many (good) things have happened to me in the past few years though, that I can’t really blame myself for putting this part of my hobby on the backburner. I am now a father of three, and between my family life and work I have also taken up writing for a skirmish wargaming blog called Skirmish Wargaming.

I am still finding myself thinking about Chronicles a lot, and I am still taking inspiration from various sources. The current source of my inspiration is the game Song of Blades and Heroes (and its supplements) by Ganesha Games.
(Link to the PDF version of the main rules)

If you happen to have a lot of miniatures and scenery lying around, and you are looking for a simple and fun ruleset that lets you use whatever miniatures you like, I URGE you to check it out. It is a really fun, easy to learn game with tons of options.

So, what am I taking out of this game? Well, for starters, the combat is extremely simple yet incredibly elegant. What’s best, it is written as to impose minimal bookkeeping on the players, and that is what I mostly like about it. I am not looking to straight up copy the rules, but its simplicity and elegance, together with not needing much bookkeeping, is what I want out of Chronicles as well. It’s certainly not going to be the same thing. Again, if you are looking for a fun, rules light skirmish system, you really should check it out. The PDF of the basic rules is very cheap.

Apart from that, I have looked some more into printing cards. I have looked a lot at Drivethru Cards to see if it is something I would like to add to Chronicles. It is really shaping my ideas on how to create an abstract, fun combat system and I am currently feeling very strongly about a card based combat system. It won’t be a card game, but the cards would be usable as the “miniatures” on the table for positioning and status effects and such. However, I have not forgotten my creed of creating a free game. The cards will be downloadable for free so you can print them out yourself or use them digitally, and you could then purchase some nicer ones if you really like Chronicles and want to support us.

I hope to write some more updates in the following months, as I want to pick up everything and start afresh. Thanks for looking.


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