Two posts in two days? I must be on something! That’s me though, going from 0 to 100 in 0.3 seconds is basically how I roll.

I have been thinking a lot about how I want combat to work in Chronicles. I want it to be abstracized, so that most of the action will play out in your head. At the same time, I don’t want it to be as free as some of the RPGs out there that there is nothing on the table to check positioning and such. FATE comes to mind. While being an awesome ruleset, I find myself having difficulties gettting to grasp with some of the free flowing concepts.

I keep coming back to an idea to incorporate cards. The only thing that still scared me is if it would kill immersion for me. I am a little afraid that it would feel like playing Magic: the Gathering. While a fun little game, it doesn’t make me feel like a Planeswalker the same way D&D makes me feel like a Dwarf Warrior or whatnot. It feels like a card game with pretty pictures, and nothing more .

Yesterday, while googling “card based RPG”, to see who had gone before me, I came upon the PC game Hands of Fate. I had seen it before, but I dismissed it as being a Magic clone. I checked out an example play on Youtube, and immediately saw I shouldn’t be scared of killing immersion by using cards.

The way cards are incorporated in this game is not what I have in mind for Chronicles, but it does give me a good idea of how it would feel. There are certainly a couple of things I dislike in this game, but the whole feel of it definitely works.

The only thing I am now wondering about is whether or not to use art. I want the cards to be a premium option, and have them freely available for people to print or otherwise use at home, so Chronicles would only cost you money if you wanted to support me. I won’t be able to hire anyone. I can draw, I used to do so a lot back in the day, but I am not the most talented out there. Also, even if someone would help me out for free, I am too much of a control freak, and I want the style to be concise. Not even sure yet what style I want.


Good thing I am a far ways off before I really HAVE to think about these things. First lets get a new, working version out.


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