About Chronicles

What is Chronicles?
Chronicles is a set of open-source Miniature Skirmish rules. With a couple of friends you take on the roles of brave Adventurers that travel the countryside, enter dungeons and other places of adventure to fight all sorts of foul enemies and find treasures. You use miniatures to represent your Adventurers and the different Enemies you encounter, you use dice to determine whether you do any damage, and use scenery pieces to spice up your gaming table.

Chronicles is an Open-Source game. Rules will be updated every now and then and new and exciting ways of using the core rules are added. Also, users are encouraged to contribute to the project.

The rules are updated infrequently. Play-testing is the foremost way for us to determine whether something works or not, and as such, new releases usually see several updates at first, and there isn’t really ever a finalized version as such. Come back every now and then to check up on updates.

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to About Chronicles

  1. sanglorian says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a big fan of open source games – I run the Year of Living Free wiki (http://www.yearoflivingfree.info). I couldn’t find out which open source licence Chronicles is released under — would you be able to let me know?



  2. Dave says:

    Hi Daniel. Good work. When are you planing to release the 2nd rulebook. Looking forward for character creation and weapons and spell tables. I like those dungeon crawler stuff like the D&D wrath of Ashadalon. And i always wish to have something like that for more futuristic sceneary.

    So thanks for providing the basics.


    • dbro36 says:

      Hey Dave, thanks for the comment. The second rulebook, which is a pretty big change from the old one, is not very far off any more. I have to warn you though, the second version is much more an RPG and a Skirmish Tabletop game than it is a Dungeon Crawler. Feel free to take inspiration from the first version though.

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